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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Insurgent - Veronica Roth WOW!!! That's all I thought upon reaching the last sentence of Insurgent...well, along with "Fuuuuuudddgggee - how m' I s'pose to make it to October?!" The only reason I hold back on giving five stars is Roth's insistence on making Tris a speshul-three-possible-factions-instead-of-two-snowflake Divergent. I understand wanting to make your main character distinctive. Their uniqueness, after all, is part of the reason we're compelled to follow their stories in the first place; but making Tris the most specialist, resistent Divergent alive strikes me as overindulgence by the author.