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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Bloodlines - Richelle Mead 3.75: Mixed feelings on this book because while I much prefer Sydney's voice to Rose's (just find it easier to identify with a character who's more introverted and not nearly as headstrong), adored Adrian and thought the plot moved at a healthy pace, Jill felt even more like a Bella Swan redux than she was in the Vampire Academy series. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why not one, not two, but three guys were gaga over her. She was such a non-entity and almost all her characterization was told rather than shown - something far beneath the capabilities of Ms. Mead's caliber.

The area where I felt the author really dropped the ball: setting up Eddie falling in love with Jill. As far as I can tell, there weren't any hints of this previously and in Bloodlines, when was there time (and as mentioned before, what in gawd's name was the reason) for Eddie's great love to develop? There were a few hints towards the novel's end, but not enough to make the possibility of a relationship compelling at this point.

While I'd expect more from an author of Ms. Mead's experience, I'm willing to cut some slack because it's the first in this series and these shortcomings could be a result needing to find her footing. Hopefully these issues won't be present in subsequent volumes.