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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Radiant Shadows - Melissa Marr Unfortunately my *least* favorite of the Wicked Lovely series, with the original (Wicked Lovely) being a close second (mostly due to my less-than-enthralled view of Aislinn). Radiant Shadows left me wondering why Ms. Marr devoted an entire book to two characters who (until now) were barely even minor players in the WL story arcs/universe and a third we'd hadn't met until book #4?

My hope of the final book (Darkest Mercy) giving Radiant Shadows a better context in the general WL cannon was not realized. I now think the events of this book could have been split between Fragile Eternity and Darkest Mercy, or told with different characters as the central focus.