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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Dark Life: Book 1 - Kat Falls Life has become grim in the futuristic world of debut author Kat Falls' novel DARK LIFE. Climatic and teutonic shifts have cause sea levels to rise and continents to fall, leaving humans fighting for precious space in "stacked cities" of the skies, or submerging themselves in "dark life" on the ocean floor. Ty Townsend is one of those people.

As part of the first generation born and raised farming his family's underwater plot , he dreams of reaching his eighteenth birthday in order to claim and farm his own hundred acres. Trouble is afoot though as the Benthic Territory as their supply ships are being raided and the settlers terrorized by a ruthless group of bandits. In response the topside government, The Commonwealth of States, issues a "request" to territory's inhabitants: help us capture the Seablite Gang and their mysterious leader, Shade. Just in case the threat posed by the bandits isn't enough, the 'wealth provides three incentives: a halt on all supply shipments, reassignment of the territory's doctor and no new homesteads until the gang is apprehended.

Ty is determined to ensure the realization of his dream, but his love for exploring vast underwater canyons has also thrown him another complication in the form of teenage Topsider runaway, Gemma. While searching the outpost for her missing brother, the Seablite gang's attacks intensify and hit closer to home than either Ty or Gemma ever could have imagined. It's not long before they realize their best chances for survival and success reside in each other.

Despite a slow start, the characters soon plunge right into action. Ms. Falls has created an eerie, haunting world filled with mysterious creatures, nefarious villains, and two genuine protagonists, who are well-supported by a passel of quirky, intriguing secondary characters. Without a doubt, DARK FALLS will satisfy anyone with a dystopian future craving.