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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
The Immortal Realm - Allan Frewin Jones, Allan Frewin Jones Tania thought all the threats to her beloved Faerie disappeared with the Sorcerer King of Lyonesse's death in battle; she was wrong. Life is sweet for the Faerie princess and her family at the beginning of THE IMMORTAL REALM with the enchanted wedding of daughter Cordelia to Bryn Lightfoot, but tragedy strikes when a Faerie infant quickly succumbs to a mysterious illness. Since disease and death are unheard of in this realm of immortality, suspicion immediately falls upon Tania's mortal father for attending the wedding while sick.

As members of the royal family fall ill, those stricken flee to the Summer Palace of Verglad to prevent further spread of the disease. A new threat looms with arrival of Lord Aldrich of Weir, one of The Great Lords of Faerie and father to Tania's (banished) former fiancé, Gabriel Drake. He insists that Faerie's current strife lies in Tania's half-mortal taint and demands either her banishment behinds an unbreakable enchantment, or the removal of her ability to shift between worlds. This coupled with sister Cordelia falling victim to the mysterious illness spurs Tania into desperate action, putting not only herself and her family in danger, but an innocent human as well.

I have to say, THE IMMORTAL REALM is the best and my favorite of The Faerie Path series so far, mostly because Tania finally breaks free of (what I've always felt is) the unrealistic "eternal" attachment to Edric and starts discovering what she's capable of as an independent young woman. The addition of a human friend from Tania's past helps ground her in the reality that she has very little "life experience," while the separation from Edric and time spent with sister Rathina contributes to her overall growth. I only wish there had been more of a resolution instead of a "to be continued," which lent to my final grade of four stars, rather than five.

Originally written for and posted at TeensReadToo.