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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies - Erin Dionne Cramming her not-so-skinny body into the Peach Monstrosity bridesmaid dress for her cousin’s upcoming wedding is bad enough, but when Celeste Harris’s Aunt Doreen secretly enters her in the HuskyPeach modeling contest knows something’s gotta give. After all, what thirteen year old girl wants to model fat girl clothes? The cruel insults her nemesis Lively Carson would make the current taunts “cow” and “pig” seem flattering by comparison. In the face of overwhelming pressure from her parents to compete, coupled with the loss of her best friend to Lively’s evil ploys, the only way out Celeste can see is by changing her diet and exercising until she’s too small to be considered a HuskyPeach because models don’t eat chocolate cookies.

Erin Dionne’s debut novel is one every teenage female should read. It’s rare to read such an honest, straightforward narrative portraying the realities faced by teens who are “plus-sized.” Celeste blossoms from a lost and uncertain little girl, to a self-assured, assertive young lady with style and grace. I think my favorite part of this book was Dionne’s decision *not* to put Celeste through a radical body/personality makeover, but rather portrayed her as coming into strengths that were present from page one. This is a fabulous book that should be on everyone’s TBR list.

Originally written for and posted at TeensReadToo.