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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
The Starlight Chronicles, Volume 1 - Annabel Wolfe, Emma Wildes Meet Jerra, a beautiful and sheltered human female chosen to travel the galaxy with nothing more to do but enjoy the pleasures of three S-speices males: Ran Kartal, the superior breed's most esteemed diplomat, engineer Larik Armanda, and Colonel Ian Helm. Unfortunately this luxury comes at the price of Jerra's freedom and ability to dictate the course of her own future. Once she's done serving the trio during their mission of colonial diplomacy, she will be "farmed out" for breeding with a mate determined by the S-species ruling council.

Author Annabel Wolfe crafts a sizzling array erotic interludes throughout PALE STARS IN HER EYES, the first in The Starlight Chronicles series. What sets each of Jerra’s encounters apart are the lush and sensual details; determined in large part by each man’s characterization, whether it’s Ran’s innate gentleness, Larik’s playful sensibilities, or Ian’s feral passion. That Jerra is quickly won over by the charms of this triad and soon falling head-over-heels for one in particular, comes as no surprise thanks to the author’s artful characterizations.

Ms. Wolfe also gives readers with a searing romantic subplot between one of Jerra’s lovers and an S-species female serving onboard. This not only adds further spice with more intense love scene, but also affords the opportunity to highlight both the differences and similarities between the two races. While Jerra may be more delicate in terms of physicality, her strength of character, intellect, and strong will serve as testimony that despite the S-species belief to the contrary, humans are not an inferior breed.

The plot itself feels abbreviated and a bit weak at certain points. I would have preferred a few more scenes concerning the diplomatic mission itself, as well as a first hand account of the expedition’s arrival on the colonial planet and events immediately thereafter. Barring those particulars though, PALE STARS IN HER EYES provides the reader with intense rush of lust and adrenaline.

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