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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Jinx - Jennifer Estep Despite her lifelong aversion to superheroes and ubervillans, fashion designer Bella Belluci can’t seem to escape life amongst the masked and spandexed hordes. There’s the family legacy of motorcycle riding Johnny Angel; a tradition that began with her grandfather, led to the death of her father, and is now being carried on by her younger brother. Then Bella must deal with her own power: luck; one that has the nasty side effect of turning like a boomerang and biting her tuchus on an hourly basis. Brother Johnny’s recent engagement to Fiona Fine/Fiera means not only the addition of a superheroic sister-in-law, but regular visits from the rest of Bigtime’s most popular and powerful crime fighting quintet : the Fearless Five.

As part of the committee planing a fundraiser sponsored by Friends of Bigtime Museum for Modern Art, it’s Bella’s job to see the gala event come off without a hitch. But when gorgeous superhero and notorious ladies’ man Debonair breaks in to millionaire Brighton Berkley’s sprawling estate, stealing a priceless painting, right in front of Bella’s eyes, museum security goes on high alert. Especially since Berkley refuses to remove his priceless gem, the Star Sapphire from the show.

Fighting an attraction Debonair should be easy. After all, he’s everything Bella hates: a wanton, villainous art thief. So why does her catch every time he’s nearby? Perhaps like Bella, there’s more to Debonair than meets the eye...

The same sense of whimsical plotting, concise pacing, and charming character quirks that made Jennifer Estep’s first two Bigtime novel so enjoyable, is just as dazzling in the third. Bella may possess the financial resources most readers only dream about, but her JINX--be it frizzing Bella’s hair, or causing meals to explode over the most chic outfits--and her genuine love for family and friends, provides a heroine with whom most any woman can relate. Debonair is a sweep-you-off-your feet hero, (especially once his alter-ego becomes evident), and a perfect match for anti-superhero/ubervillan sensibilities.

JINX is a witty, tender, laugh-out-loud must read.

Originally posted at TwoLipsReviews.com.