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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Just One Wish - Janette Rallison With an uncanny ability for reading other people and the force of a charming personality, seventeen year old Annika Truman is used to getting her way. Heading out to the day after Thanksgiving sales, Annika wants nothing more than to return home with a Talking Teen Robin Hood for her cancer-stricken little brother, Jeremy. But the six year old throws her a curve-ball when he reveals that his heart's desire is for the "real" Teen Robin Hood from the shows they watch on television, to pay him a visit.

Determined to give her little brother his wish, Annika hits the internet looking for a way to contact the show's nineteen year old star, Steve Raleigh. When the traditional methods fail, Annika drives from Nevada to Burbank, California where The Adventures of Teen Robin Hood is filmed. With her best friend Madison in tow, the girls hatch a plan they hope will convince the young star help Annika grant Jeremy's wish.

The idea of two young girls successfully sneaking onto a high-profile studio lot requires serious reader suspension of disbelief, no doubt. Through the strength of Annika's characterization and the loving relationship she shared with Jeremy though, Ms. Rallison gives the reader a chance to abandon the cynicism of reality in favor of a world where wishes really can come true.

Originally posted at TeensReadToo.com.