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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger
Spies Lies & Duct Tape - Lyn Cash Merry Rogers can't imagine her day getting any worse. In one evening she's been kidnapped by two different sets of abductors, handcuffed, hiked through the deserted back woods of Oklahoma, and used for target practice. Merry's not about to believe her captor, James Caesar's crazy story that she’s his missing partner (and lover) Samantha Stone, a covert agent for the US government, or that he's trying to protect her from those responsible for her disappearance two years ago, no matter how sexy he may be. Still, Merry can't deny the chemistry simmering between them, nor the fleeting sense of familiarity she feels when held in Caeser's arms...

Lyn Cash takes drops readers right into the action of SPIES, LIES & DUCT TAPE, and shoots them forward full throttle, giving them two passionate, vividly drawn characters to root for. While I would have liked a little more information on Caeser’s history, his lack of back story is countered by a strong, fully realized characterization in the present. Merry/Sam is a take-charge woman, but Cash does a great job of not making her into an unbelievable superwoman by showcasing her vulnerabilities through her relationships with both major and minor characters.

The tightly scripted plot uses recent ecological and man made events adds to the overall authenticity, keeping the reader guessing until the last few pages. Unfortunately due to a few hanging threads at the end, there is a certain lack of satisfaction. I could (and would love to) see Ms. Cash returning to tie up all the loose ends in a sequel.