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Shadows of Asphodel
Karen Kincy
Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success
Kelly James Enger

Phoenix Rising #2: Elissa's Odyssey (Phoenix Rising Trilogy)

Elissa's Odyssey - Erica Verrillo Summertime is the travel season for most and an ideal time to pick up ELISSA'S ODYSSEY, the second book of the Phoenix Rising Trilogy. After making their escape from the evil ruler Kahn, Princess Elissa, her constant companion and lifelong confidant, Gertrude the donkey, Ralph the camel, and Elissa's new friend Maya, are led across the Great Oasis by the Blue People of the southern desert, to the city of Alhamazar as the group continue with their quest to return Elissa and Maya to their respective homelands.

Elissa's journey home has barely begun though when she is cruelly separated from her friends and must make make her own way to the seaside town of Gravesport. It is only when she meets outgoing, but directionally challenged deck hand Billy Buck, the dispossessed Count Favian of Leonne, Doc and Captain of the dodgy vessel called Swamp Maiden, that the next leg of Elissa's adventure truly begins.

It's the individual personalities and relationships between Erica Verrillo's quirky, charming characters that make the travelogue across a foreign world of magic and fantasy so engaging--though followers of the series should note, most of this installment is spent getting to know Elissa's new companions rather than those from the first book. Taken as a whole, ELISSA'S ODYSSEY is a delightful adventure for readers young and old.

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